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Etaqualone Information

Etaqualone, or 2-methyl-3-(2-ethylphenyl)-4-(3H)-quinazolinone, is an analogue of methaqualone. It is known to have sedative and hypnotic properties and was originally developed for the treatment of insomnia.

The powder is off-white in colour, and granular in appearance. As far as anecdotal evidence suggests, the dose needed for a full experience is quite high, making it expensive and more prone to side effects than other research chemicals.

It isn’t readily available on the market, but a few vendors are offering cheap etaqualone. That means there will be a presence of the chemical on the recreational drugs scene, making it a very viable target for research.

The scant evidence available says that the method of ingestion effects how it reacts, so further research into the chemical makeup and reaction with other chemicals would be useful to further our knowledge of etaqualone.

Anyone planning to buy etaqualone online should take care to buy maximum purity to ensure the validity of any results. There are a number of reliable retailers who provide the legal mechanism to buy etaqualone online for research purposes only. Packages come in 500mg, 1,2,5,10 and 25g sizes, which should be enough for research purposes.

As already mentioned, not a lot is known about the long-term effect of etaqualone. UK researchers are currently working hard to assess the reactions and long term prognosis of its use but have yet to provide any definitive results. This should prompt further debate and examination of etaqualone.

If you are planning to contribute to this research, there are a number of viable sources of cheap etaqualone. Just buy etaqualone carefully and only from qualified, reliable vendors. Cheap etaqualone doesn’t necessarily mean good value product as there are known to be Chinese copies on the market with little scientific value.

Researchers should choose their provider carefully and ensure maximum purity. Dosage should also be monitored as higher doses are seemingly required to achieve the chemical reaction required.